An Austrian couple on their honeymoon in Greece died due to torrential rains and flash floods on 6 September

The incident occurred in the resort of Potistika, near Mount Pelion, Greece.

Their holiday home was washed into the sea by the floods brought by Storm Daniel.

Although the couple's names were not disclosed, DNA tests confirmed their identities.

The Austrian foreign ministry confirmed the couple's death and extended condolences to their families.

 Austrian embassy staff in Athens were providing support to the couple's relatives.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis referred to Greece facing a "war in a time of peace" due to recent extreme weather events.

Greece experienced both devastating wildfires and severe floods within a two-week period.

The floods caused by Storm Daniel have resulted in the death of more than a dozen people in Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria.

Thousands of people were forced into temporary shelters or to stay with relatives, and 30 villages became inaccessible with the risk of waterborne diseases.

Climate scientists have linked such extreme weather events to global warming, as increased temperatures lead to more water evaporating during the summer, resulting in more intense storms