Breaking Down Bill Self’s Net Worth: The Money-Making Strategies of a Successful Coach

Bill Self's Net Worth

Bill Self is a name that resonates with college basketball fans all around the world. As the head coach of the University of Kansas Jayhawks, he has established himself as one of the most successful coaches in college basketball history. But beyond his coaching success, Self has also accumulated a significant net worth through his various business ventures and investments.

Although Bill Self’s net worth is not known to the general public, reports put it at about $20 million. This includes the $3.38 million basic compensation he receives annually as Kansas’ head coach. Nonetheless, Self’s numerous business endeavors and investments also contribute to his fortune.

Bill Self has constructed a career that most basketball coaches can only hope for as the head coach of the University of Kansas men’s basketball team. He has earned a reputation as one of the top instructors in college basketball throughout the years after guiding the Jayhawks to several conference titles, Final Four trips, and a national title in 2008. So what factors have boosted Bill Self’s wealth? We’ll examine this coach’s methods for producing money in more detail in this piece.

Bill Self’s Net Worth:

Name:Bill Self
Net Worth:$20 Million
Salary:$3.8 Million Per Year
Date of Birth:Dec 27, 1962 (60 years old
Place of Birth:Okmulgee
Profession:Basketball Coach
Nationality:United States of America

Early Years and Education

In Okmulgee, Oklahoma, Bill Self was born on December 27, 1962. He played baseball, golf, and basketball while in high school in Edmond, Oklahoma. Self-played basketball for Leonard Hamilton at Oklahoma State University after graduating from high school.

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Coaching Career

Self-started his coaching career in 1985 at Kansas as an assistant coach after playing basketball in college. Before being named the head coach at Oral Roberts University in 1993, he later worked as an assistant coach at Oklahoma State, Tulsa, and Illinois.

Self was appointed head coach at Tulsa in 1997, where he swiftly established a prosperous program. In each of his four seasons there, he guided the Golden Hurricane to an NCAA Tournament appearance, including a trip to the Final Eight in 2000.

Self was appointed head coach at the University of Illinois in 2000 following his success at Tulsa. Self coached the Fighting Illini for three seasons while they were at Illinois, guiding them to a Big Ten Championship and an NCAA Tournament berth each year, including a trip to the Sweet Sixteen in 2002.

Self has been the head coach at the University of Kansas since being hired there in 2003. Self has maintained his success since taking over at Kansas, guiding the Jayhawks to 15 Big 12 Conference titles, three Final Four visits, and a national title in 2008.

Contract and Salary

Bill Self received a substantial deal as a result of his basketball prowess, which did not go unnoticed. Self-signed a 10-year contract extension with Kansas in 2012, which includes a $3.38 million basic salary. Based on the team’s performance on the court, Self may be eligible for performance incentives in addition to his regular pay.

Endorsements and Business Ventures

Bill Self has made money via commercial endeavors and sponsorships in addition to his Kansas pay. He has made appearances in advertisements for brands like Coca-Cola and AT&T and has given his endorsement to goods like Gatorade and Nike sneakers.

Self has over the years participated in a number of entrepreneurial endeavors. He launched The Salty Iguana, a brand-new eatery, in Lawrence, Kansas, in 2012. Self’s wealth has increased thanks to the popularity of the eatery among Jayhawks supporters.

Real Estate Investments

Over the years, Bill Self has also made real estate investments. He bought a $1.75 million house in Lawrence, Kansas, in 2015, and he currently resides there. In addition, he has a number of additional homes in Lawrence, as well as a getaway house near Lake Quivira.


Bill Self has maintained a commitment to give back to his community despite his success and fortune. In 2006, he and his wife Cindy founded the Helps Foundation, which offers assistance to charities that aid young people in need.

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Bill Self’s net worth is the result of his success on the basketball court, his lucrative contract with Kansas, his endorsements and

business ventures, and his investments in real estate. But beyond his financial success, Self has also shown a commitment to giving back through his philanthropic efforts.

As a successful coach, Bill Self’s story offers insights into the strategies and decisions that have contributed to his net worth. From his early years and education to his coaching career and business ventures, Self’s journey provides a roadmap for aspiring coaches and entrepreneurs.

So whether you’re a fan of the Jayhawks, a budding entrepreneur, or simply interested in the world of college basketball, there’s no doubt that Bill Self’s story is one worth exploring.


What is Bill Self’s current net worth?

While Bill Self’s exact net worth is not publicly known, sources estimate it to be around $20 million.

How many championships has Bill Self won at Kansas?

Bill Self has won one national championship and 15 Big 12 Conference championships at Kansas.

What is Bill Self’s base salary in Kansas?

Bill Self’s base salary in Kansas is $3.38 million per year.

What is the Assists Foundation?

The Assists Foundation is a philanthropic organization established by Bill and Cindy Self to provide support to organizations that help young people in need.

What other business ventures has Bill Self been involved in?

In addition to his restaurant, The Salty Iguana, Bill Self has also been involved in real estate investments, including owning several properties in Lawrence, Kansas.

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