Artie Lange Biography 2023: Career, Age, Net Worth, and Real Estate

Artie Lange Biography

Artie Lange is a well-known American comedian, actor, and radio host. Lange, who was born on October 11, 1967, in Livingston, New Jersey, has worked in the entertainment industry for nearly two decades. This article will go through Artie Lange’s life, including his career, age, net worth, and real estate holdings.

Early Life and Education

Artie Lange was born in Livingston, New Jersey to father Arthur Lange Sr. and mother Judy Lange. He was raised by his two younger sisters. Artie went to Union High School in Union, New Jersey, where he excelled as a baseball player. He enrolled at Seton Hall University after graduating from high school but dropped out after one semester.

Net Worth$2 million.
Real NameArtie Lange
Profession(s)Comedian, Actor, and radio host
Birthday October 11, 1967
Age55 years old
BirthplaceLivingston, New Jersey
Height in Feet5 ft 9 in
NationalityUnited States

Career Beginnings

Artie began taking odd jobs after graduating from college to make ends meet. He’d been a docker, a cab driver and even a cook. He had always been fascinated in humour, though, and decided to pursue it seriously. He began performing stand-up comedy in various New York City bars.

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The Howard Stern Show

Artie’s career took off when he became a regular cast member on The Howard Stern Show in 2001. Because of his irreverent humour and humorous anecdotes, he rapidly became a fan favourite. He was a regular on the programme until 2009, when he quit for personal reasons.

The Artie Lange Show

Artie Lange launched his own radio show, The Artie Lange Show, on DirecTV’s Audience Network in 2011. The show included a blend of comedy, interviews, and music. However, due to low ratings, it only lasted one season.

Stand-Up Comedy Career

Artie is also a popular stand-up comedian who has performed all across the United States. He has four comedy CDs to his credit and has participated in multiple HBO and Comedy Central comedy specials.

Acting Career

Artie has also had a successful acting career, appearing in a number of films and television series. He’s acted in films including “Old School,” “Elf,” and “Dirty Work.” He has been on television in series such as “MADtv,” “Rescue Me,” and “Louie.”

Writing Career

Artie is the author of two novels, “Too Fat to Fish” and “Crash and Burn.” Both works went on to become New York Times bestsellers.

Legal Issues

Throughout his career, Artie has had multiple run-ins with the authorities. He has been arrested on several occasions for drug use, DUI, and other offences. He attempted suicide by stabbing himself many times in 2010.

Personal Life

Artie previously married Dana Cironi, but the pair split in 2006. He has also had many high-profile partnerships, including those with comedian Adrienne Iapalucci and model Dana Sironi.

Health Issues

Artie has battled drug addiction and has been in and out of treatment several times. He has also experienced a number of health concerns, including a heart attack that almost killed him in 2018.

Net Worth

The net worth of Artie is reported to be approximately $2 million. However, owing to legal and health concerns, he has had to declare bankruptcy on several occasions.

Real Estate

Throughout his career, Artie Lange has owned a number of homes. He paid $2.5 million for a seaside home in Toms River, New Jersey, in 2002. He did, however, sell the home in 2005 for $3.3 million. He also had a property in Hoboken, New Jersey, which he sold in 2015 for $2.2 million.


The legacy of Artie Lange in the entertainment sector is a mixed bag. While he is well-liked for his wit and humour, his legal and health troubles have harmed his image. His contributions to the worlds of humour and entertainment, however, cannot be overlooked.


Finally, Artie Lange is a gifted comedian, actor, and radio personality with a great career in the entertainment sector. His personal troubles, on the other hand, have been extensively chronicled. Regardless, Artie is still a major figure in comedy and entertainment.


What is Artie Lange’s most famous role?

Artie Lange is most famous for his role as a cast member on The Howard Stern Show.

How many times has Artie Lange been to rehab?

Artie Lange has been to rehab multiple times throughout his career.

What is Artie Lange’s net worth?

Artie Lange’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Has Artie Lange ever been married?

Yes, Artie Lange has been married once to Dana Cironi, but they divorced in 2006.

What are Artie Lange’s most famous movies?

Artie Lange has appeared in several movies, including “Old School,” “Elf,” and “Dirty Work.”

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